Gogo Guru

Guru finished his book tour recently with a series of particularly well attended yoga flash mobs in Madrid, Helsinki and Tulsa. "My tweets are stirring a yoga revolution," he told HuffPost.

Guru does not, technically speaking, tweet. He is still grasping the concept of 140 characters. He is used to hearing himself speak--he teaches yoga 7 to 8 hours a week, afterall -- so stopping him while he is dictating can be quite unpleasant for everyone. But we did get the word out and the unlikely feat of 700 people spontaneously doing yoga in three disparate cities did happen.

Perhaps we saw you in the crowd?

Guru is now on holiday somewhere in the California hills. Just him and his mat. And some noise canceling headphones (airplanes do not respect his airspace). We are encamped nearby, despite his threats, just in case.

Are you ready for the next yoga flash mob?



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