Our Instructors

Audrey McCann - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Audrey McCann is a yogi's yogi. She has a 35-year meditation practice and a 25-year yoga practice... [ READ MORE ]
Avtar Khalsa - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Born and raised by yogis in the tradition of Sikh Dharma, Avtar Khalsa has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since he was... [ READ MORE ]
Catherine Baugh - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


A lifelong wellness aficionado who has always led an active lifestyle, Catherine Baugh found her calling sharing ... [ READ MORE ]
Christen Schritter - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Christen Schritter is a mother of three, who discovered a passion for yoga in 2010. Looking for a new path, she began... [ READ MORE ]
Danielle Beyers - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Danielle Beyers' 15+ years of teaching in various disciplines yields a distinct blend of yoga and many other healing [ READ MORE ]
Erin Jeeter - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Erin Jeeter first discovered yoga in 1998 as a college credit. She continued on her own for a while and in 2008... [ READ MORE ]
Hilary Brich - Gogo Guru Instructor / Owner


Hilary Brich has been practicing various styles of yoga since 2008. Having undergone a spinal fusion at age 13... [ READ MORE ]
Jamie Weymont - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Without truly understanding what she was doing, Jamie Weymont started meditating in her early teens... [ READ MORE ]
Janice Ingson - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Janice Ingson Is a vibrant and insightful yoga teacher. She brings laughter and connection to each pose... [ READ MORE ]
January Jordan - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


January Jordan’s love affair with yoga started 14 years ago. It was love at first asana! After nine years... [ READ MORE ]
Katie Thorworth - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Katie Thorworth is an E-500 registered yoga teacher (RYT) and a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (LPTA)... [ READ MORE ]
Krysta Howell - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


For Krysta Howell yoga is much more than simply a physical practice for the body; it is a way to challenge... [ READ MORE ]
Kypriana Daniels - Gogo Guru Instructor


Kypriana Daniels (Lala), RYT-200, Reiki Practitioner Level 2, has been practicing Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikhram, ... [ READ MORE ]
Ling Hanson - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Ling Hanson completed her 200hr teacher training under Kim Manfredi at Charm city yoga in 2012. ... [ READ MORE ]
Michele Bickley - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Michele Bickley grew up dancing and teaching in Baltimore, then moved to L.A. in 1998 after receiving a degree in... [ READ MORE ]
Nikki Watson - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


After practicing yoga for nearly 8 years, Nikki Watson received her 200 hour teacher training at Charm City Yoga ... [ READ MORE ]
Sarah Clark - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Sarah Clark took her first yoga class in 1995 and found that throughout the years that followed, her mat was ... [ READ MORE ]
Shayna Freedman - Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Shayna Freedman's classes reflect her extensive acting background, pairing her love of ... [ READ MORE ]