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Chris Eber Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Chris Eder is a YA Registered Vinyasa/Hatha Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor. His yoga journey began in 1999 after he encountered the joys of a pinched sciatic nerve, and a diagnosis of Adult ADD. A friend introduced him to yoga as an alternative to pain pills and other meds. He was hooked instantly as a student.

During a 2007 deployment to Baghdad Iraq with the Air Force, Chris began teaching a morning sunrise yoga class five days a week. Upon returning to Italy for his follow-on assignment, Chris attended a yoga training and began teaching Vinyasa & Hatha inspired classes. He also taught yoga to Wounded Warriors returning from combat action as part of the Warrior Resiliency Program.

Chris completed his 200-hour teacher training at Frog Lotus Yoga with Jennifer Yarro and Jennilee Toner.  He is also certified in Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans.  Additionally, he serves as the Communications Director for MYT and assists in teacher training. Learn more about Chris here: http://www.malaforvets.org/about-yoga/






Danielle Beyers Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Danielle Beyers' 15+ years of teaching in various disciplines yields a distinct blend of yoga and many other healing traditions.

Her style and presence inspire a discovery for the day to day relevance of the practices through intentional and thoughtful direction and attention cues, which allow for an authentic mind body spirit experience and connection.

She also brings to her teaching a 20+ year meditation practice and a serious regard for how this influences her yoga practice, her day to day life and all of her relationships.

While offering her students a vigorous vinyasa practice, she strives to do so within the context of a safe and nurturing space and structure for them to explore with their own curiosity what yoga has to offer them personally.

It is her intention and hope to provide students with an experience that leaves them feeling better than when they came…more vibrant, clearer and more alive!

She completed her 200 hour training with Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga and holds a MSW with an emphasis in psychotherapy.






Elizabeth Scollan Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Elizabeth Scollan discovered the overwhelming power of yoga 7 years ago at an Anusara studio in Los Angeles. She was immediately drawn to this practice that directly connected mind, body, and spirit; not treating them as separate entities, but one autonomous whole. She believes that breath is the connective substance that brings these parts together and strives to keep this at the heart of all her classes. Elizabeth brings a light-hearted approach to teaching, hoping to help her students achieve not only correct postures throughout their practice but also a sense of fun and play.

Expect to experience upbeat music and maybe even a smile in warrior 3. Though her vinyassa classes can be rigorous she strives to ensure that students have the proper foundation of safe and proper alignment to build a more advanced practice upon. She also enjoys teaching deeply Restorative classes allowing students to focus on meditation and gentle release of muscular tension. Elizabeth is currently studying acting at Towson University. She completed her 200 hr teacher training in 2011 with Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga.






Emily Lodge Gogo Guru Yoga InstructorEmily Lodge first found yoga 12 years ago in Hawaii while stationed there as an Army linguist. But it wasn't until 2008, after leaving the military and moving to Maryland, that she caught a serious case of the yoga "bug" and decided to take her practice to a deeper level. In 2011 she completed the 200-hr teacher training with Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga.

Emily teaches a vigorous and energizing flow that builds body awareness, muscle tone, and soothes the soul. Expect to leave her class sweaty and renewed, stretched and recharged.

Always a student, Emily believes the day you stop learning is the day your story ends. Emily has gone on to train with Noah Maze, Kathryn Budig, Julie Dohrman, and Dharma Mittra. She is currently pursuing an MS in Yoga Therapy at The Maryland Institute of Integrative Health.







Erin Jeeter Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Erin Jeeter first discovered yoga in 1998 as a college credit. She continued on her own for a while and in 2008 began to practice again regularly with commitment. It started as a compliment to her gym style workouts but quickly became Erin's main focus as she reconnected to the mental and emotional gains of yoga, in addition to the breathing and stretching. Erin completed her 200 hour teacher training through the Jivan school at Baltimore Yoga Village. She continues to participate in bootcamp and crossfit workouts and hopes to encourage all varieties of athletes and yogis to appreciate our physical bodies with playful, slower vinyasa style classes, connecting mind, body and breath.









Hilary Brich Gogo Guru

Hilary Brich started started doing yoga in 2008 when a doctor told her there was no cure for her agonizing plantar fasciitis. Always an active person, she decided to try something easier--yoga. She quickly discovered that all her years of "being active" had not only led to her injury, but to a body with little stamina or flexibility. Yoga turned out to be challenging and rewarding in ways she had not anticipated, and it gave her foot and so much more back to her. 

Hilary studied with Bikram Choudhury in Los Angeles and completed the 200-hr teacher training at Charm City Yoga in Baltimore, MD in 2012. 









Janice Ingson Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Janice Ingson is a vibrant and insightful yoga teacher. She brings laughter and connection to each pose, helping students settle into the challenging sequences she presents in each class. Janice has a knack for reading the energy of a room and being able to teach to what each student needs in any given class. Her goal is for everyone to have a long-lasting, positive experience of yoga. 

Janice’s love for life and reverence for the practice of yoga shine through in her teaching. After her class, you will leave your mat feeling light, blissful and fully aware of your delightful and divine breath. “Let every experience be your teacher.










Janice Ingson Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


January Jordan’s love affair with yoga started 14 years ago. It was love at first asana! After nine years of exploring different forms of yoga, she went on to pursue her 200 hr therapeutic yoga certificate at Yama Studio under the direction of Diane Finlayson. As her practice grows she finds inspiration in the playfulness of the children that surround her every day. Her intention in every class is to allow people to explore both their body and breath with a beginners mind and a happy heart. Laughter is always welcome in her classes!









Janice Ingson Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor


Jessie's passion for yoga is infectious and she loves being able to share this passion with our community. Jessie's mission is to help students find more peace, balance and strength off the mat by taking students on a powerful journey of growth and transformation on the mat. She gets excited to help students unlock more freedom and joy in their practice and is both empowering and playful in class. Jessie continues to be a lover and life long learner of all styles of yoga and has been lucky enough to study with many world renowned teachers. She infuses meaningful messages from all of her studies into her teaching allowing for a dynamic and challenging flow filled with breath, sensation and freedom! www.jfkyoga.com









Julia Beaucham Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Julia Beauchamp first found yoga in 2004 while doing her theater training in Boston. She was introduced to self-care, body awareness, stretching, deep breathing, presence and alignment.

She immediately connected with this kinesthetic approach and the ease it brought to movement, breath and thought.

Later, while studying the practice of physical theater at Jerzy Grotowski’s Institute in Poland, with it’s dynamic and rigorous approach to physical and vocal training, Julia’s visceral understanding of yoga and experience of being grounded and present in the body deepened further. She added to these expressive disciplines a steady practice of Vinyasa yoga and Vipassana mediation, enhancing her life and creating an ideal platform for formal yoga training. She continued her work as a performing artist with Double Edge Theater, Ang Gei Pin and the Urban Research Theater as well as collaborating to found the Moving Dharma Dance Lab and the Elephant Foot Theater. In spring 2009, she completed her 200/hour Yoga Alliance certification and taught full-time in Boston before moving west in October of 2010.

Since certification, Julia has taught over 1000 hours of group yoga classes internationally. She currently teaches private clients and weekly classes in the Baltimore County area. She strives to give students a unique and playful experience of embodied presence and tools for their own healing. You can expect to sweat, breathe deeply and move in ways you didn’t know you could.

Before moving to Baltimore, she lived and worked in San Diego where she was the Director of Teacher and Program Development at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga and offered “Finding Your Voice” workshops as part of their 200/hr teacher training program. These opportunities have made it possible to merge her two interests: the art of performative presence and  the art of spiritual practice. In the past two years, Julia has developed her unique approach to teaching voice and performance for yoga teachers. She now offers workshops for budding and seasoned yoga teachers alike to build confidence, learn skills and find their unique message as sacred space holders.

Julia has been described as, “warm”, “loving”, “refreshing” and “alive”!  She has a unique ability to “see” where people are holding back or restricting their energy and to offer specific insights or exercises for greater freedom. For more info, visit juliabeau.com.






Karen Ferguson Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Karen Ferguson, MA, RYT, appreciates the way yoga and meditation can enter our lives so simply and begin a sweet yet profound transformation.

A former psychotherapist, she began studying yoga in her mid-20’s. She has taught flow yoga, chair yoga and beginners yoga in local studios, as well as therapeutic yoga to people with MS. She also teaches Yoga Nidra workshops in and around the DC area. A life-long meditator, she also brings meditation into all her endeavors.

Yoga enlivens and aligns. Even simple and gentle yoga can be quite profound. The dessert in our practice is how naturally the light within begins to shine and how effortlessly it is shared.







Ling Hanson Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Ling Hanson completed her 200hr teacher training under Kim Manfredi at Charm city yoga in 2012. Ling also studied with Kathryn Budig, Shiva Rea, Maria Garre and Michael Caroll. Her teaching is influenced by various yoga styles, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Bikram, along with Tai-chi and Qigong. Ling is also an accomplished distance cyclist and a certified spinning instructor.

Ling teaches a flow style of yoga emphasizing "stability over flexibility" and uses the postures to foster within students an intimate understanding of their own bodies. She allows her students to be aware of their physical limitations while supporting and gently encouraging them to express their inner radiance through the asanas. She encourages students to accept yoga as a practice with the self, not against the self or others.

Ling helps students embrace the meditative aspects of yoga which help create and maintain a pain-free body--a side benefit of a clear and relaxed mind. She emphasizes non-judgment and consistent practice, helping students to accept the constant changes within their practice. Her aim is to have students to leave class feeling open, calm and energized.






Michele Bickley Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Michele Bickley grew up dancing and teaching in Baltimore, then moved to L.A. in 1998 after receiving a degree in Fine Arts and Dance from SMU.  In sunny CA, she fell in love with yoga and had the privilege to study and work with some of the best teachers on the planet today. 

She received her 500-hour certificate from YogaWorks (200 hrs with Maty Ezraty (Ashtanga) and Lisa Walford (Iyengar), and an apprenticeship with the gifted Therapeutics teacher, Jasmine Lieb).  Michele also completed teacher trainings with Erich Shiffmann and Saul David Raye.  In 2003, Michele co-founded and directed Muv Dance and Yoga, and spent 10 years implementing an innovative arts program in hundreds of L.A. schools.  Michele created the “Yoga for the Classroom” Program and DVD.  She also taught Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal, Postnatal, Kids, and Baby & Me Yoga at YogaWorks from 2005 to 2011.

Classes with Michele are light-hearted, fluid, nurturing, and incorporate Thai Yoga Massage.  Michele believes that our bodies are constantly revealing our needs and she loves helping people use breath and movement to listen a bit deeper to find peace, creativity, health, and healing.

Michele recently moved home to Maryland and lives in Historic Ellicott City with her husband and two children, who inspire her daily.  Learn more at MicheleBickley.com.






Nikki Watson Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

After practicing yoga for nearly 8 years, Nikki Watson received her 200 hour teacher training at Charm City Yoga under Kim Manfredi. Nikki started practicing yoga as a way to continue moving after years of ballet. As time went on, her practice became physically and emotionally transforming. Being on her mat felt like coming home. Yoga has become a great constant in her life – a place of challenge, growth, change and contentment. Nikki enjoys teaching a vigorous, music-filled vinyasa flow class that helps students focus on the details of the poses and their transitions.










Sandra Nicht Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Sandra Nicht (E-RYT500, MS in Yoga Therapy candidate at MUIH, Kripalu Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist) began learning Ashtanga Yoga in 1995 with Beryl and Thom Birch, with her principal teacher being David Swenson. She began studying with Sri Pattabhi Jois in 1999 when he would visit the US.











Tekla Ayers Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Tekla Ayers has been teaching prenatal yoga since March 2012, and has practiced yoga for over ten years. She became passionate about prenatal yoga classes when she was pregnant with her daughter. She loves to teach and to leave space for people to learn and take care of their own body / mind / spirit, while sharing the valuable tools she has learned throughout the years, especially while earning her Master’s degree in Applied Healing Arts from MUIH (formerly Tai Sophia Institute).

She has completed independent studies in mindfulness meditation, nutrition for children, and childbirth education. She was trained by Ann Israel in prenatal yoga, completed Heather Brown’s 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training in 2012, and in September 2013, began the Healing Pathways 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki Certification through the University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Integrative Medicine. She became a Reiki practitioner in November 2013 through this program. She is currently finishing up her doula certification through Sudharma Birth Services and is a certified Sacred Pregnancy instructor.

She enjoys community building among other moms and friends, including supporting women through healing circles for women and hosting Blessingways. Tekla enjoys learning from the wisdom of the cycles of nature and the many inspiring people in her life, her daughter being her wisest teacher.






Tiffany Del Cid Gogo Guru Yoga Instructor

Tiffany Del Cid has been practicing various forms of yoga for eight years. Inspired to bring the practice to others, she completed the 200-hour teacher training program at Charm City Yoga. It was a life-changing experience for her. Since completing the program, Tiffany has been teaching yoga at a high school in Baltimore County as well as at various studios around the region. She combines her knowledge and experience of the asanas with a unique, open and accessible teaching style, using alignment and breathwork to introduce newcomers to yoga while encouraging more experienced students to deepen their own practice.




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